Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte Machine: Fast and Delicious Way to Make a Latte With a Busy Family

mr coffee latte maker reviewWhy is the Mr Coffee Latte Maker faster than other machines?

There is no need to steam your milk seperatly! It has a special wand that froths your milk as it brews your coffee! Making it perfect for…

  • Weekday rush out the door before work and school
  • Early morning weekend games and church
  • Early morning garage sale prep (so you don’t get an eye roll from your spouse as you froth milk while they haul out the HUGE ratty sofa onto your lawn)

Stop leaving your coffee in the microwave for the 50th time!

If you have cold coffee you can put it in the carafe and it will warm it and froth it for you.

We will be posting our favorites soon!

You can even use your favorite manual method when you have more time and put brewed coffee in the carafe along with milk and make a latte.

Be Your Own Barista

The machine comes with a recipe book with 20 different latte drinks to make.

You can gather friends over a cup of coffee at your home instead of meeting at a coffee shop!

BONUS no grinding machines ruining your conversation! 

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SAVE MONEY by skipping the coffee shop! Put your hard earned money towards more awesome stuff like…

  • Family Vacation
  • Finishing your fixer upper you jumped into thinking you could be the next Chip and Joanna Gaines
  • New car
  • That Anthropologie dress or quilt you have been eyeing

See this product is TOTALLY worth every penny and will pay for itself in less than a year depending on how often you go out for coffee.

==> Get yours now here!

Easy To Clean

YOU HAVE TO CLEAN IT WITH EVERY USE (trust me, we had a science experiment in ours one day, HA HA HA!) 

Dump any remaining liquid, rinse it, then I reccomend getting a baby bottle brush and cleaning it after every use.


So if your Mother or friend kindly offers to do your dishes (after your have a baby or surgery) run in and stop her before she throws it in a sink full of dishwater!

Easy To Use and Serve

There aren’t a million of different buttons, and no need to learn the art of tamping and pulling an espresso shot!

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Only 3 steps to make a perfect latte!

  1. Grind your favorite coffee- I reccomend using ours it is delicious! ===> Grab our delicious coffee here. Put into the grind basket.
  2. Pour desired milk into carafe
  3. Lock carafe into place, push brew button!

Lactose intolerant latte is finally possible….

Put lactose free milk in the carafe and it is just as delicious as a regular latte.

No need to use weird crazy milks, coconut milk, almond milk, hemp milk…. (you can use lactose free milk)…

OR you can and it still does an awesome job!

==> Get your Mr. Coffee latte maker here! 

Makes AMAZING hot chocolate too!

Add milk and hot cocoa ingrediants into the caraffe and switch the selector lever to heat and froth.

And you have DELICIOUS creamy hot chocolate in no time without using your stove or guessing the time in the microwave, and scalding your hands!

No more hot cocoa powder milk soaked balls all over your counter from your kids over mixing!

Let them push the button, they love pushing buttons anyway am I right ;).

Then you can have fun adding whip cream and sprinkles with out all the other mess.

Testimonials for Mr.Coffee latte maker (from verified customers found on for this product)

“I’ve been using this machine for 3 years. Works great. Easy to clean. Easy to adjust for fat free and sugar free options.

It whisks the milk to a froth and allows coffee to drip into it at the appropriate moment. I think this is a much safer option and simpler than an steam frothing type unit. I have had no issues with this machine.

When it wears out, I will buy the same machine again. Just after I purchased mine, my sister tried it and went and bought her own. She is still using her machine as well.” – Lynn E.

“The BEST coffee machine ever! I have owned this machine for about 4 years! I replaced the mug, frother anout 2 years in, because the froth was not thick as usual, however… by the time I got the new one the frother began to work again. So now I have 2.

I cant even begin to think what that is the reviewer is talking about in regards to melted plastic!!! Not only have I had one for so long but so does my mother and best friend and we have never seen or experienced that.

Coffee is made quickly with little effort and tastes amazing! We get compliments from everyone who tastes.

We owned nespresso and keurig and this beats them all! This machine is different in the sence that it doesnt use ‘cups’ but I actually prefer that because coffee is more economical that way…

Simply the best!” – Thirsa

“Perfect for latte’s for two. And, the recipe’s for hot chocolate and tea latte’s makes it quite a useful gadget in my kitchen!

I even love the way it looks in my kitchen with granite countertop and black cupboards!’ – GramsRo

==> Get yours now here!

Frequently Asked Questions-

How long does it take to brew and froth? 

– About 5 min.

Is the carafe glass?  

-Yes it is glass and has a heating element built into it that heats the milk, the machine itself also has a heating element to heat the water.

In latte mode, after it heats and froths the milk, is it suppose to brew coffee automatically? Or do you have to do it, in two stages?

– You load the coffee and the milk and it does it together at once.

What’s in the box? Sample Coffee? Or should I buy some?

– You should buy some, we reccomend our coffee it is smooth and delicious!